Monday, October 4, 2010


Boy am I really struggling this week. I just can not get my poop in a group. I spent pretty much all day Saturday eating crap ( and I do mean crap, candy coated pretzels, candy, cup cakes and don't forget the alcohol consumption), I can tell you that my eating was MUCH better yesterday... but mostly because my head, stomach and liver hurt far too much to even want to consume anything.

I have GOT to get back on track... especially now more than ever. Pretty soon it is going to get cold outside and I am going to be able to talk myselt out of walks and exercise but I have a HUGE motivator going on right now... my little brother (technically my cousin) got engaged over the weekend, and well let's be honest.... no one wants to be the fat girl in the wedding pictures... So here is to a renewed challenge for myself.

Oh.. but I have been praciticing my 'fastest' mile-- right now I am WALKING it at 14 minutes, getting my 5 servings of fruits and vegs, drinking my water, etc.

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  1. Good Luck!
    I have been pretty slack lately too. I guess once the "fat" jeans fit, it is okay...