Monday, January 10, 2011

Power of One Project #1

My amazing friends over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans issued the Monthly Project last week and while I wrote my letter I forgot to post it. We were 'assigned' to write a letter to our future self. We are addressing ourselves in 2012... here is the letter that I wrote to myself: Enjoy

Dear 2011 Kristin,
Wow! What a year it has been for you. There have been some struggles I know… but you know what, you survived them and you are stronger because of them
You have always struggled with your weight and this past year you figured it out. Your realized that it isn’t about what the scale says…you know that it is about how you feel, the choices you make and about accepting who you are.
You are an amazing person. You are an amazing friend. You are an amazing mother. There is not anything that you will not do for your children and that is what makes you…. Well you. But that is also your downfall… you put them before yourself so much that you often forget to take care of yourself.
I am proud of you because in 2011 you took the time to take time for YOU. You finally realized that in order to make your children’s lives better you have to make yours better too.
I know that you set the goal to run your first ½ marathon in 2011… and I hope that you accomplished that… I know how important it was to you. It may not have been with Team in Training in San Diego to celebrate 15 years of being cancer free… but I KNOW that you did it somewhere somehow. You are going to accomplish amazing things.
You finally got your shit together girl!!! And now you’ve just got to keep it together!
Look to the future Kristin…because yours is bright…. You are going to do good and amazing things! You’ve GOT THIS!!!
2012 Kristin 

May everyone accomplish the goals that they have set for themselves in 2011!! Good luck everyone! I know you can do it!!!

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