Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday: The Power of One

Today is the beginning of the second week for the newest challenge over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. This latest challenge is all about YOU... or in this case ME :) Even though the challenge began last week they certainly wouldn't turn you away if you still wanted to join in... so if you do please just pop on over to and sign up... when it comes to weight loss buddies... more is definately merrier :)

This week was kind of a challenge for me. I committed to drinking an assload  alot of water and am proud to say that I accomplished the amount that I had set out for myself 4 out of the 7 days in the last week. I did cook 6 out of 7 nights for my family... BUT one of those nights it was pizza... and they were frozen... BUT I did whip up a salad and some fresh veggies for them to eat to go with it. Laslt night we had dreaded 'drive thru' and while I purposely points so I could have the french fries and gravy I didn't take into consideration the amount of salt that is put onto the french fries.

In the exercise department I haven't done as well as I would have liked. I've got some sick kids in my house as of right now, and as any mom knows when they are sick they want their mommies, so that hasn't really given me the time to hit the gym. I have however walked up and down my stairs for no reason other than exercise over 150 times in the past 7 days... I did not count the times that I was doing laundry or grabbing something out of the freezer etc so I think I did ok.

Friday night/Saturday was bad... nuff said. I can tell you that I didn't make poor food choices... I did however make very bad beverage choices...and too many of those choices.

So here is this week's update. The scale this morning said 253 lbs on the dot. I was disappointed. In fact I even twittered and Facebooked about the fact that I had gained....but when I went to to enter my weight into my awesome online tools I saw that last week my weight was 254.2, so even with some bad choices I still managed to lose 1.2 lbs this week... I'll take it.

That certainly does not mean that I have a 'freedom' card to just eat whatever the hell I want and not exercise for real... no way in heck! I want to get healthy... I have a major goal I want to accomplish in 2011 (more on that later) and NOTHING is going to stand in my way of accomplishing it this time... NOTHING.

Good luck to all my fellow weight loss friends, may this week be a successful one for you...


  1. A loss is a loss! Good work! Hey, at least you were out having those beverages on New Years! ;) I just had mine at home. lol