Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenge Weigh-in #1

Today is the first day of the latest challenge over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans...and let me tell you for the first time since I have begun doing challenges with ShrinkingJeans I am a bit scared. You see this challenge is bigger than just losing weight and seeing who loses the most etc. With this challenge your own team can vote you off. Not a problem right... just lose your weight and your fine.... NOPE!!!! Sorry folks that isn't how this challenge works. You see you can be voted off for losing weight and being a threat just as easy as you can be voted off for not losing weight. You can be voted off simply because no one likes you ... well not really because all the ladies (and guys) over at Shrinking Jeans are amazing and are so easy to like... but no really. There is one way to be safe and that is to get the Immunity Idol *but I'm still not sure how to do that lol*

I have been lucky enough to have been place on Tribe Lime and am already loving the ladies who I am on the team with... :) It is going to be too hard for me to vote anyone off so I honestly believe that I am just going to leave mine spot on the form blank -- you see if no one is voted off then the team member with the lowest % of loss will be voted off.

So here are my stats for today the first weigh in. I am officially 260 lbs on the nose.

My goals this week are the following:
  • no late night snacking, except for Thursdays which seems to be my 'night out'
  • drink my water
  • limit the crap
  • Journal my food using Weight Watchers e-tools
  • Follow my Weight Watcher's Plan
  • Take a few minutes every day for myself
Here is to an amazing new challenge for everyone involved and of course a little shout out to my girls


  1. Great goals and I don't think anyone is going to vote off "threats" the sisters just don't behave that way!

  2. That lime color hurts my eyes lol!

    You'll do awesome and I don't see the people at the Sisterhood voting people off for being extra successful. That's just not their style. You'll do great! Just focus on you and meeting your goals. The challenge is just a fun way to achieve the greater goal.

  3. I don't really think anyone would vote us off for being successful.. it was just a statement.

    And why do I feel like I have to defend myself on my own blog??? LOL

  4. It will be fun and motivating! I'm ready to rock it whether I be on Exile Island or not! :)

    You can do it!

  5. I'll probably be rocking Exile, but I do well in exile :)

  6. Best of luck Kristin! Rock it Sista!!