Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenge Weigh-in #2

I wish I could tell you if I was safe this week... but I can't. That information will be posted tomorrow * I believe*, but I can tell you that I worked my ass off, literally. Part of the Shrinkvivor Challenge is that each week we receive 2 challenges, 1 is a physical challenge and the 2nd is a non-physical challenge. The challenges for last week was to *physical* Log miles... and the second *non physical* was to drink 1/2 your weight in oz of water each day. I accomplished both of these challenges and actually shocked myself with the amount of miles that I logged.... you see I logged 17.5 miles in the 5 days that the challenge ran, I was pretty impressed.... tired but impressed. I also was able to drink my 130oz of water each day and on a few days drank even more than that.... and you know what IT PAID OFF!!! How do I know that you ask? Because you see I lost 4.6 lbs this week because my scale told me this morning that I now weight 255.4 lbs. I am pretty impressed with that number... granted it is still 100 lbs from where I want to be, but each step will get me one step closer to my ultimate goal... and that isn't a size, or a weight... it is being healthy. 

I was almost giddy this morning when I reported my weight via the link, I was even more giddy when I logged in my miles and in my water consumption :) I was so proud of myself. 

My goals for this week are basically the same as last week, but I have added in the challenges for this week as well so here are my goals for the next week:

  • no late night snacking, except for Thursdays which seems to be my 'night out'
  • limit the crap I eat
  • Journal my food using Weight Watchers e-tools
  • Follow my Weight Watcher's Plan
  • Take a few minutes every day for myself
  • Drink at least 130 ozs of water each day
  • keep track of the MINUTES that I exercise... must be active exercise *this is the physical challenge for this week*
  • NO DRIVE THRU... no fast food. NONE. *this is the non physical challenge*.
And because Ryan @No More Bacon, loves it so much*hee hee* here is my shout out to my girls



  1. 4.6 pounds in one week!!! You are amazing!!! Keep up the great work! I'll be rooting for you.

  2. Awesome job this past week!

    Here's hoping that our tribe has another successful week. :)

  3. WHOO HOOO! Awesome week! You go!!