Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

True Confessions

Tomorrow starts the new CHALLENGE over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, so I want to prep myself with a good old fashioned cleanse before it starts, but not the kind of cleanse that costs lots of money and makes me and my stomach miserable for days.... nope I am getting all the 'bad' out there and just letting it go from here, so here is my True Confessions Tuesdays.
  1. I have been eating like crap lately. In all honesty though, I have been doing it on purpose. You see I knew that this day was coming and I wanted to get my REALLY bad stuff out of the way ( you know like the cheese buttons we had for dinner last night). 
  2. Emotionally I have been stuck in my trunk.. (this is a reference to the conscious discipline parenting style, meaning that I am not thinking things through)... some of it is the fault of others, but in the end it still comes back to how I let other people affect me and my emotions. Just because someone is a jerk to me doesn't mean that I have to be a jerk to other people.
  3. I am completely lacking the ability to say "no" lately. This is one of the BIG things about my ADD that really gets me in trouble. I spread myself far to thin and because of my wonderful horrid organizational and time management skills I end up in ALOT of trouble.
  4. Exercise has been a demon I have had no desire to exercise from my life... yesterday was literally the FIRST time I went for a walk in MONTHS... 
  5. My house is a disaster. Nothing in its place and no place for anything
  6. School is kicking my ass the semester, but this is because I am not really giving it the all that it deserves.
  7. I miss my friends. I have been working several mornings each week, and while I get to hang out with one of my friends while I do it, I still miss my other friends too.
  8. My parenting lately has certainly been less than stellar... again I have been hanging out in my trunk and really need to work myself into my engine.
  9. I want a pair of jeans that fits that does NOT have a 2 as the first number of it
  10. I will try to be more positive and gracious. My life may not be the way that I want it, nor is it perfect, but it is still better than the lives that some have.
Ok... that's my purge for today... Good luck to everyone who is participating in the Shrinking Jeans Challenge for this next challenge.

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  1. Good Luck! I need to get my motivation back as well!! Care to motivate me?