Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wake up Wednesday.... (also called weigh in Wednesday)

This weekend was a wake up call for me... I was photographed in a swim suit with my son...
This picture is by far the worst of them.... I look like a floating head on a blob of fat... :( But I will get better. I really think that obesity is an illness and we need to heal ourselves from it and the cause of it. I mean I know for me personally that I eat for several reasons... and none of them are to nourish my body... I eat 1) when I'm stressed 2) when I'm lonely 3)when I'm bored and lastly 4) I eat to cover my pain. Let's face it we all have pain whether it be physical or emotional we all have those moments where we look around and go "Oh my... this is my life. What have I become?"... and well frankly... I have become FAT... I have become FAT, UNHAPPY, MISERABLE... and it is time for a change.

Today I was told that my 46 year old uncle has a 95% blockage in the right side of his heart and he is currently still experiencing alot of pain that is un-explained.... he needs prayers. But this is also part two of my wake up call.... my uncle is healthy (aside from the smoking)... in fact he is one of the more healthier ones of my maternal relatives...

So today is day one (again)... I weigh 259.6 lbs and I am going to get better... I am going to beat this....


  1. You will do so great on your diet and challenge. :) I'm doing it too and I feel like I look like a floating head on a blob of fat. I hate feeling so down on myself and I really hope that I can really lose some weight so I'll feel great about myself. :)

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  2. You ARE going to get better and you ARE going to beat this. Good luck with the challenge!!